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Commercial Warehousing

Let MoveCorp safely store your furniture for future use.

Space is precious. With everything in flux during a move the need for space becomes more apparent. MoveCorp can help you manage and maximize your space with our commercial warehousing services.

Whether you are downsizing or upgrading your office furniture and/or IT equipment, MoveCorp will make an offer to buy your unutilized assets and get these items out of your way.

We also provide commercial warehousing services that allow businesses to maximize space as they prepare for a move. Need supplies moved out of a space early? Ordering new furniture or equipment? Let us receive and store it until you are ready for delivery and installation.

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IT/Server Relocation

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Furniture Installation & Liquidation

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MoveCorp staff have more than 15 years of experience managing IT relocation projects

Project Management

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We do not offer residential moving services.

MoveCorp specializes in commercial moving services, including corporate relocation, IT/server relocation, office furniture installation and liquidation, box-free moving, move consulting, project management, and desktop disconnect & reconnect. Please note that we do not offer residential moving services.

Box-free moving is an eco-friendly and efficient way to move your office. We use reusable, stackable crates to transport your items, eliminating the need for cardboard boxes. This method is not only better for the environment but also speeds up the packing and unpacking process.

Absolutely, we offer both office furniture installation and liquidation services. Whether you’re moving into a new space and need furniture set up, or you’re leaving a space and need to dispose of old furniture, we’ve got you covered.

Our move consulting service helps you plan and execute your move from start to finish. We’ll assess your needs, create a detailed moving plan, and offer expert advice to ensure a smooth relocation process.

This service involves the disconnection of all desktop computers and peripherals at your old office and reconnecting them at your new location. Our team ensures that your IT infrastructure is up and running as quickly as possible after the move.

Yes, we offer various insurance options to protect your assets during the move. Our team is committed to providing a safe and efficient moving experience, and we stand by the quality of our services.

Yes, we offer specialized IT/server relocation services. Our team is trained to handle sensitive equipment and ensure a seamless transition with minimal downtime for your business.